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Celebrating Pakallak Tyme in Rankin

Darrell Greer
Northern News Services
Published Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The community of Rankin Inlet came together for some friendly competition, good times and lots of laughs during its annual Pakallak Tyme celebrations earlier this month.

NNSL photo/graphic

John David Gibbons saws a block of snow during a Pakallak Tyme iglu building event in Rankin Inlet. - Darrell Greer/NNSL photo

This year's festival featured a solid lineup of activities that offered something for kids of all ages to take part in.

There was the thrill of snowmobile racing and dog mushing, as well as the fun and excitement of a Fear Factor event, talent show, family skating night, kid's carnival, square dance, fishing contests, elder's games, iglu building, scavenger hunts, a minute to win it, strongman and woman competitions and a community feast, among many other fun-filled events.

In addition to lifting the spirits of the community and officially heralding the arrival of spring, Pakallak Tyme can also make quite an impression on folks who haven't lived in Rankin Inlet all that long.

This month marked the first Pakallak Tyme for the hamlet's economic development officer, Evan Morrison, who also happened to capture the strongman competition.

Morrison said he may have been a little lucky in one of the events, when Bobby Misheralak took a tumble while leading in the water-carrying race.

But, he said, he came out on top again when Misheralak challenged him to a rematch following the event.

"I actually took in a fair amount of the events during Pakallak Tyme," said Morrison.

"I went to the snowmobile races, played in the talent show and then played a show on drums with our band.

"I took some of the public-address equipment to the arena for the family skating night, and that drew a good crowd.

"I also went to the Fear Factor event and took in the square dances."

Morrison said he hadn't seen the community gather together for so many activities before Pakallak Tyme.

He said there was a lot of community involvement during the festival, and the events were well-organized.

"It was great to see everybody in one spot, kind of celebrating something big together.

"A lot of people worked really well together during the event, and everyone sure seemed to be having a great time.

"I was pretty impressed by what I saw at my first Pakallak Tyme."

Morrison said he was surprised by how many events actually go on during Pakallak Tyme.

He said he found himself wishing many of the activities weren't being held during week days.

"I would have liked to have gone to more of them, but a good part of it was held during working hours, so there's nothing you can do about that.

"Pakallak Tyme left a huge first impression on me because I saw so many things I hadn't seen in Rankin Inlet before."

Ford Widrig arrived in Rankin Inlet from Lunenburg, N.S., in late March, and he was looking forward to taking in some of the Pakallak Tyme activities.

Although swamped with work and studies, Widrig found time to compete in the strongman competition and take in the Fear Factor, community feast and talent show.

Widrig said he was impressed by what he saw at the events he attended.

He said he would have liked to have seen more of what the annual festival has to offer.

"Overall, what I saw was great," said Widrig.

"I wish I could have got out and seen more, but I'm kind of in a homework bubble right now.

"Everyone sure seemed to be getting into everything and really enjoying themselves at the different events."

Widrig said one thing he did notice was how many people seemed in nice, positive moods at the events.

He said it's always nice to see any community come together to enjoy a local event.

"It struck me as, generally, an overall pretty good time with a good atmosphere.

"I'll, absolutely, make the effort to get out to more events at next year's Pakallak Tyme.

"I had a bunch of people ask me to come out and do stuff this year, but, unfortunately, I had to turn down the invitations because I have some school work commitments right now.

"I'm kind of married to the books right now, but next year I'm definitely going to get out and see and do more."

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