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Former Inuvik teacher handed two-month jail term
Hugues Latour convicted for September incident; trial for charges including sexual assault and making or publishing child porn still to come

Laura Busch
Northern News Services
Published Saturday, May 5, 2012

Disgraced former Inuvik school teacher Hugues Latour was sentenced to 60 days in jail Friday after being convicted of assault, forcible entry and failing to follow court conditions.

NNSL photo/graphic

Hugues Latour was sentenced to a total of 60 days in jail - NNSL file photo

"We're pleased with the outcome of the trial and with the results," said Crown prosecutor Jessica Patterson after the sentencing Friday.

Territorial court Chief Judge Robert Gorin handed Latour a jail sentence of 45 days for forcible entry, plus 15 days for assault. He was also sentenced to serve 30 days concurrently for failing to keep the peace and be of good behaviour. The total of 60 days jail time matched what was asked for by the Crown.

The charges stem from an incident on Sept 26, 2011 when Latour forced his way into a 17-year-old girl's home, pushing her into a wall in the process, because he suspected her of stealing marijuana from him.

During the trial in Inuvik last Wednesday, the victim and a friend in the house during the incident both testified. Their names are protected under a publication ban because they were both minors at the time the charges were laid.

The female victim, now 18, testified that she and Latour, 39, had known each other previously.

When Latour took the stand in his own defence, he painted a very different picture from the two girls. He said the police had been called out of spite, and he claimed he went to the home to retrieve some keys.

Between 15 and 20 people sat in on the trial and the mood was tense. More than one whisper of "liar" could be heard during Latour's testimony.

Gorin did not leave much time for suspense after the Crown and defence lawyers made their final submissions. Within seconds of prosecutor Patterson wrapping up her arguments, Gorin said he accepted the version of events offered by the complainant and handed down convictions on all three counts.

In her submissions for sentencing, Patterson told Gorin the fact Latour had brought his one-and-a-half-year-old son to the victim's house was highly aggravating. The length of the sentence handed down Friday reflects the fact that Latour has no previous criminal record, said Gorin.

Latour now awaits a preliminary inquiry into another case before the Supreme Court of the NWT where he faces charges of sexual assault, sexual interference involving a person under the age of 14, possession of child pornography and making or publishing child pornography.

Latour has elected to have this case heard by judge and jury.

This matter is scheduled for a pre-trial inquiry Wednesday, May 9 in Inuvik.

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