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Residents help rebuild home

Terrence McEachern
Northern News Services
Published Wednesday, September 7, 2011

With winter approaching, a group of residents pulled together and showed some community spirit last weekend by helping a woman in Northland Trailer Park begin to rebuild her home after it collapsed a year and a half ago.

NNSL photo/graphic

Dave Beckwith, top, from left, Terry Gylytiuk, Louise Peterson, Abigail Nasby, 8, Tiarella Hanna, and Wade Friesen, kneeling with Max the dog, seen here on Sept. 1, were some of the community members who helped a Northland Trailer Park resident rebuild her home after it collapsed more than a year ago. - Terrence McEachern/NNSL photo

"It was such a nice community thing to do because this homeowner wouldn't be able (to rebuild) on her own, and to be able to see her neighbours come out and help, it showed that they really care," said Tiarella Hanna, one of the residents who helped rebuild and organize the volunteers.

Hanna said the damage to the trailer was substantial.

"Their trailer had collapsed and the addition (on the side) separated from the main trailer because the main trailer dropped about a foot down into the soft gravel," said Hanna. "There was actually a big gaping hole in the floor and the roof was still intact, but because of this, they lost all the electricity and plumbing in their home."

The homeowner of the Northland Trailer Park home didn't want to be identified.

Hanna estimates 24 people, both residents and non-residents of the trailer park, volunteered their time for the rebuild, which started on Thursday, Sept. 1 and lasted until the following Saturday. The project was led by the Church of Christ and the Yellowknife Vineyard Church, which both donated money to pay for supplies from Igloo Building Supplies. The company Property Guys also helped out with the project, she said.

However, there's still work to be done, with the electricity and plumbing still needing to be hooked up. The homeowner also needs a new water but fuel tank. The trailer is raised but the hole in the floor still needs to be repaired.

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