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NNSL photo/graphic

Young students from Inuglak School enjoy a tasty corn roast after a community cleanup in Whale Cove earlier this month. - photo courtesy of Shawn Trepanier

Taking care of the community

Darrell Greer
Northern News Services
Published Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some of the youngest residents of Whale Cove came together to make their community a nicer place earlier this month.

The kids took to hamlet streets and along the shores to clean up a large amount of garbage and send it off to the community dump.

While their sense of community pride was the driving factor behind their efforts, the kids were handsomely rewarded after the work was done with a tasty corn roast, refreshments and gifts from a local retailer.

A number of adults also pitched in and cleaned their yards in support of the kids' efforts to beautify the community.

When the final tally was complete, the youth managed to remove about 110 bags of garbage from their community.

There were also 10 45-gallon drums filled with garbage, and three truckloads of wood and other items left on the side of the roads, carted away.

Outgoing senior administrative officer Shawn Trepanier said the cleanup was a real team effort on the kids' part.

He said every youth who came out for the event got down to work and there were no slackers during the cleanup.

"We hold our main community cleanup during the spring," said Trepanier.

"That's the one we encourage everyone to get behind and really spruce the hamlet up for the summer months.

"We have about 150 students at Inuglak School this year, and every one of them had to take part in this.

"Even the teachers were out lending a hand, so it was really well-received by the community."

Trepanier said the local Co-op store donated gift certificates to every class in the school for their efforts.

He said the gifts were appreciated by all the students and staff at the school.

"Once the cleanup was done, everyone came together and had a good time at the corn roast. There was a real sense of pride in the youths at the gathering."

"They took this seriously and did an excellent job."

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