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New teachers arrive in the delta

Dez Loreen
Northern News Services
Thursday, August 30, 2007

With school starting next week, teachers and staff are busy preparing for the year ahead.

Last week, Beaufort Delta Education Council staff were busy picking up new teachers and bringing them to their new homes.

NNSL photo

A new group of teachers passed through Inuvik en route to their new digs in the Beaufort Delta. From left: Julie Ferguson, Lisa Mack, Jacqui Currie and Ephraim Warren. With school starting next week, the administrators of the Beaufort Delta Education Council are busy preparing and bringing in new staff. - Dez Loreen/NNSL photo

BDEC superintendent Dennis Parsons said that the new teachers have been arriving all summer.

"They started coming into the region earlier this summer and are now preparing for the fall semester," said Parsons.

Inuvik is getting a total of 12 new teachers to split between Samuel Hearne and Sir Alexander Mackenzie.

Parsons said Samuel Hearne would get seven new teachers, but one is being transferred from the younger school.

"One of our teachers is returning from maternity leave as well," said Parsons.

Samuel Hearne is getting a new principal. Parsons said that he is getting settled in for the first staff meeting this week.

A few new teachers heading to nearby communities were also passing through Inuvik. Julie Ferguson from Windsor, Ont., will be teaching in Tuktoyaktuk.

"I'm teaching art, music and some English," said Ferguson.

This marks Ferguson's first time in the north.

"The weather is amazing," she said.

Lisa Mack, a social studies teacher from Saskatchewan, plans on adding careers and technology courses to her list of classes while she stays in Fort McPherson.

"This is my first time this far north and I'm loving it," said Mack.

New teacher Jacqui Currie has spent some time in the region before.

"I spent five seasons in Aklavik at their pool and drop in centre," said Currie.

"I love it here, I love being with the kids."

Ephraim Warren, in his first year of teaching, will be handling math and sciences in Tuktoyaktuk.

He said the land is spectacular and he looks forward to his first foray into teaching in the north.

Staff and teachers will be meeting in their schools on Aug 30, to discuss the year and to meet the new faces.

Classes begin for students next week.