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Jamboree brings out all of Sachs Harbour

Christine Grimard
Northern News Services
Published Monday, August 27, 2007

SACHS HARBOUR - Most of Sachs Harbour made it out to this year's White Fox Jamboree, to the pleasure of organizer Andrea Keogak.

The talent show held Aug. 19 was a town favourite, according to Donna Keogak, another volunteer who helped out.

"We had some people come out that you would never expect to come out," said Donna.

One of those people was Ellsworth Stanley, a local teacher. Donna said the community was surprised to see their teacher on stage doing the twist. His efforts were rewards, as he took home first place.

A novelty to the festivities was an Ocean's Day committee who came into town Aug. 18. Andrea said she found it quite interesting to hear about how global warming is effecting the coast, and the animals that live in the area.

The poker tournament was also popular, with 23 entries. Each person putting in $100, the winner Joey Carpenter took home $805 from the pot, while second place winner James Harry won $502.

Priscilla Smith and Tony Lucas were crowned king and queen of the jamboree, having raised the most money in fundraising.

"I'm usually a person who doesn't go out and do stuff like this," said Smith. "My common-law said let's just do it."

Smith raised $1,650 by selling tickets and squares on the local hockey pool.

Smith said while she enjoyed being queen, her favourite part of the week was watching the children's games.

She loved watching them play airplane, a game where three people hold up a child flat as he or she tries to stay straight.

"It was just good to see little kids doing that stuff," said Eileen.

Children were further recognized as the committee named a prince and princess for the first time in many years. Sister and brother Leigha Keogak, 9, and Jon Keogak, 11, each took home a Nintendo DS for their fundraising efforts.

A muskox toss was also a new game added this year. Although they usually hold a blanket toss, Andrea said they wanted to keep the games traditional by using a muscox hide. Weights were wrapped in the hide, which was then launched by participants to see who could throw it the furthest. The winners took home Kivuit sweaters.

Andrea said it was evident that everyone enjoyed the jamboree.

"Everybody's been saying this year's been a better turn out than the other years," said Andrea. "A lot of people who don't usually come out made it."

This is the first time Andrea has organized the jamboree. She started working with the committee in February to fundraise and get things organized. They raised in total between $4,000 and $5,000.

"That's really good with a small community of 120," said Andrea.

Donna noted that at least 20 people volunteered to help organize the jamboree, and almost everyone helped out during the week.

Andrea says she's planning on putting her name in next year to head the committee once again.

"Come out to next year's jamboree, it'll be awesome," she promises.