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Moshing, metal and the Multiplex

Adam Johnson
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Dec 08/06) - "Wall of Death!" With a shout and a flick of their arms, both guitarists from Yellowknife band The Box Cutters parted the all-ages crowd like the Red Sea, forming equal ranks on both sides of the floor.

With a loud "Go!" the two sides ran headlong into each other, folding into a tangle of shoving, thrashing bodies that matched the intensity of the music on stage. While a few kids hit the ground, their cohorts were quick to pick them up, moving the crowd in concentric circles.

It was just another all-ages show at the Multiplex last Friday night, featuring local bands The Box Cutters, Haste; Inhale, A Frayed Reality and others.

The Box Cutters were the last band of the night, taking the stage after a bit of an ugly spot for the event.

"Someone smoked in the back stairwell and popped the alarm," said organizer Gary Herbert. The entire Multiplex had to be evacuated until police and fire crews arrived.

No one could say if the culprit was there for the concert or for other events, but it had concert-goers worried.

"This might be the last show we do here," said Box Cutters drummer Bradley Shoquette.

After the show, Grant White, director of community services with the city of Yellowknife, said the city was still open to letting the bands use the space for future shows.

"We set out our expectations and they met our expectations," he said simply.

"It kind of broke the rhythm," Herbert said of the interruption. "The next band had to bring it up again."

This is exactly what The Box Cutters did, whipping the crowd into a frenzy with fierce, poly-rhythmic punk-metal.

The crowd circled, moshed, headbanged, and generally did all the ridiculous things an excited crowd could do to show their appreciation.

One fan in a homemade "I wish I was a Box Cutter" T-shirt was even happy to serve as a footstool for guitarist Ben Huntus as he wailed away.

"I think that show was one of the best yet," said Willem Thomas, 16, who stayed right up front through most of the show.