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Council Briefs
Pipeline at half-capacity - Enbridge

Roxanna Thompson
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Dec 22/06) - The rate of oil flowing past Fort Simpson in the Enbridge pipeline is holding steady from last year, Mark Gerlock told village council.

Gerlock attended the council meeting on Dec. 18 to provide the village with an update on Enbridge's status.

Thirty-thousand gallons of oil per hour flow passed the village. The pipeline is currently working below 50 per cent of its potential, he said. Enbridge is waiting to hear if oil from other sources will be injected into their pipeline.

"It's been a quiet year for us," said Gerlock.

Business to re-open

Yanny Cordero plans to re-open his business on main street.

Cordero came to village council to clarify if any action is being taken against his property which contains a gas station.

Although council hasn't made any decision, Mayor Duncan Canvin said a number of complaints have been received about the property and council might have instructions soon under the unsightly property by-law.

"I'd seriously consider trying to do something about the appearance of the place," said Canvin.

Cordero blamed most of the mess on youth who have broken the windows on many of the vehicles.

"They smashed all of them up. What can I do?" Cordero asked.

Cordero said he has plans to re-open his business in the new year to sell fuel. Currently the pump for his propane tank is being fixed in Hay River, Cordero said.

Budget surplus

On paper, the village has a 2007 budget with a surplus of $510,674.

Although they approved the budget, council expects the numbers will change.

"The fact is it ain't going to be a surplus by the end of the year," said Duncan Canvin.

A number of figures are still not firm including the costs for the pool, concrete in the arena and the firehall extension. The final funding amount received from the government and changes in the mill rates will also effect the budget, said Canvin.

Councillor Candy Brown disagreed with passing a budget with a surplus. If the village ever needs money the territorial government will point to the surplus and ask where it went, she said.

"I think we should have a balanced budget," said Brown.

Library options

Council members expressed skepticism at the choices for relocation the John Tsetso Memorial Library committee has chosen.

At the request of the council, the committee met on Dec. 5 and decided on three possible locations: the Visitors Information Centre, upstairs in the Recreation centre and the council chambers. They were all in favour of saving the building and keeping the library in its current position.

"I don't think any of these locations are very good to tell you the truth," said Coun. Bob Hanna.

Canvin said he's talked with the committee and explained there is little chance their choices would be recommended.

Possible coroner

Village council voted to support Steven Catto's application to become a coroner.

If Catto was accepted he would become the village's third coroner.

"You can never have too many," said Coun. Bob Hanna.

It's not a glamorous job, said Canvin so if Catto would like the position he is welcomed to have it.