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Former Sachs Harbour mayor in hospital

NNSL Photo/graphic

Andy Carpenter, 74, was recently medevaced to an Edmonton hospital for treatment of an infection. The popular elder spent three terms as Sachs Harbour's mayor, he retired in December. - Philippe Morin/NNSL photo
Philippe Morin
Northern News Services

Sachs Harbour (Dec 18/06) - Former mayor Andy Carpenter has been sent to an Edmonton Hospital, where he is dealing with a serious infection.

Carpenter's grandson, Preston, said he was medevaced in early December and is currently receiving treatment.

"We don't know when he is coming back," he said on Dec. 11.

In recent weeks, the 74-year-old Carpenter had taken his retirement from politics, after serving three terms as the community's mayor.

Some members of Carpenter's family declined to speak with News/North, saying it was a private family matter.

However, they all expressed they were anxious to hear any news of the 74-year-old's recovery.

"We're all worried about him, and hoping he'll get better," said one member of the family who did not wish to be named.

Carpenter had recently travelled to Inuvik for the
Beaufort Delta Regional Council meeting, which happened Nov. 27 to 29.