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Council Briefs
Another councillor releases campaign finances

Peter Crnogorac
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Dec 15/06) - Councillor Kevin Kennedy made public his 2006 campaign account at Monday's council meeting.

He is following the lead of Coun. Shelagh Montgomery, who did the same a month ago.

When Montgomery made her campaign spending public in November, she encouraged other members to do the same.

Kennedy said he thought her idea was valid and is the first councillor to follow Montgomery's suggestion.

For the 2006 campaign, Kennedy received $3,565 in donations and had $1,416.85 of his own money in his coffers.

Infrastructure report accepted

City council unanimously passed a motion to adopt the Infrastructure Needs Assessment report by FCS Architects and Engineers at the council meeting on Monday.

Warren Whitford, from FSC, presented the report at the Dec. 4 Priorities, Policies and Budget Committee meeting.

He told council that for Yellowknife to replace all its aging infrastructure they would have to come up with an additional $60 million.

The report has been accepted for information purposes. Council did not discuss the motion before passing it on Monday.

No extra money for Cardinal

Council unanimously rejected Cardinal Coach Line's request for additional money to run the city's bus system.

Cardinal Coach Lines has a contract with the City of Yellowknife to own and operate the public bus system.

Cardinal's president, Stan Weber, asked for a cash injection of about $60,000, pointing to an increase in employee wages and overall cost of operations.

Cardinal will complete its second contract with the city on Aug. 29 of next year, making it eight years that they have provided Yellowknife with the bus service.

Before voting no to the motion, Coun. David Wind said it wouldn't be fair to give funds to Cardinal beyond what they had originally bid to get the contract.

When the contract expires in 2007, the city will put out a tender request for it.

Council members appointed

Here's the list of appointments to council committees (the first name listed is the primary member, the second is the alternative):

  • Deputy Mayor - Mark Heyck
  • Audit Committee - David McCann, Paul Falvo
  • Board of Revision - Shelagh Montgomery, Kevin Kennedy
  • Boxing and Wrestling Commission - Mark Heyck
  • Development Appeal Board - Shelagh Montgomery, David Wind
  • Downtown Enhancement Committee - David McCann, David Wind
  • Heritage Committee - Mark Heyck, David McCann
  • Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee - Kevin Kennedy, David Wind
  • Special Grants Review Committee - Bob Brooks, Kevin Kennedy
  • Yellowknife Area Policing Advisory Committee - David Wind
  • 9-1-1 Management Committee- Paul Falvo
  • Arctic Winter Games - Lydia Bardak
  • Canadian Capital Cities - Mayor Gordon Van Tighem
  • Con/Rycon Committee - Mark Heyck
  • Facilities for Kids - Bob Brooks, David Wind
  • Northern Frontier Visitors Association - David McCann
  • Tourism Industry Representative - Paul Falvo
  • Yellowknife Community Wellness Coalition - Shelagh Montgomery, Lydia Bardak
  • Yellowknife Homeless Coalition - Mark Heyck
  • Yellowknife United Way - Lydia Bardak
  • Yellowknife Dene First Nation - Shelagh Montgomery, Mark Heyck
  • Northland Trailer Park Committee - Bob Brooks.