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Police Briefs
Starter pistols are not toys

Erika Sherk
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Dec 13/06) - RCMP charged a man with possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose after he was observed brandishing what appeared to be a handgun on the street.

He was threatening observers with the gun by Corner Mart on 50th Street, on Dec. 4 around midnight when RCMP came to the scene.

It turned out to be a starter pistol, but that makes little difference, said Const. Roxanne Dreilich.

"Using anything like a facsimile of a gun" is treated similarly to a real gun, she said.

Love triangle harassment

RCMP received a call about harassing phone calls that occurred from Dec. 4 to 6.

It was a 36-year-old man calling his ex-girlfriend and her new 21-year-old boyfriend, said Const. Dreilich.

Winter newcomer, not a drunk

Police pulled over a driver this week after receiving a call about a vehicle driving slowly and weaving all over the road.

When they pulled him over it turned out that it was a new NWT driver, recently arrived from India, said Const. Dreilich, someone "not familiar with driving on ice and snow."

Daytime break-and-enter

An employee at Central Mechanical on Old Airport Road discovered a young man inside the building on Dec. 9 just after business hours.

He had broken a window to get in and was riffling through papers, according to Const. Dreilich.

The man, who appeared between 18 and 20 years of age, was able to escape before police arrived.

Unfounded assaults

RCMP received 232 calls for service Dec. 4 to 10. Twenty of these were assaults, a number that Const. Dreilich said "seemed excessive" but nine of them turned out to be unfounded.

Lock up your snowmobiles

Ten more snowmobiles were stolen this week alone, said Const. Dreilich.

"It's a pretty consistent problem," she said, adding that people are still not locking up their snowmobiles.