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Big marijuana bust at Iqaluit airport

Kent Driscoll
Northern News Services

Iqaluit (Nov 06/06) - When you have to weigh it by the pound, you are talking about a lot of weed.

Iqaluit RCMP caught and charged a man with 2.6 pounds of marijuana at the Iqaluit airport on Oct. 30.

A 32-year Iqaluit resident was charged with the possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking.

RCMP were reluctant to put a value on the 2.6 pounds of marijuana, but an educated guess can be made.

There are 16 ounces in a pound, meaning RCMP confiscated 41.6 ounces.

With 28 grams in an ounce, the accused was allegedly in possession of approximately 1,164.8 grams.

At a street price of $20 a gram, that's $23,292 worth of pot. When you add the fact that most "grams" available in Iqaluit are .7 or .8 of a gram, the value goes even higher.

RCMP police dog Lar was a part of the investigation, and the police credited tips from the community as another reason for the charges being laid.

"Trafficking controlled substances continues to be a major concern for police. We are committed to work with concerned groups and individuals to stop the illegal flow of drugs into Nunavut," said Cpl. Todd Walsh of the RCMP's "V" drug division.

The accused was released with conditions and will make his first appearance in the Nunavut Court of Justice on Jan. 8, 2007.