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Dramatic casting call

Dez Loreen
Northern News Services

Inuvik (Nov 03/06) - John Turner has a vision of a theatre group forming in town. All he needs first is a group of dedicated performers to join him.

"I have always been interested in theatre," said Turner, a resident of Inuvik for the past 10 years.
NNSL Photo/graphic

Inuvik resident John Turner strikes a dramatic pose. Turner wants to start a theatre group in town that would eventually bring performances back to the community. He feels Inuvik could benefit from the resurrection of a dinner theatre - Dez Loreen/NNSL photo

He is no stranger to the stage. Turner was involved with the Black Hole Theatre group, while attending the University of Manitoba.

While it has been some time since he was involved in the art, Turner said he is eager to start a group in town.

"I think Inuvik would really benefit from a theatre group," he said.

Turner said he has been making calls and talking to people about his idea and there is some interest.

"The town used to have a group that performed dinner theatre shows," said Turner.

He is referring to the 'East three' performances of the late '90s. It was a show that illustrated the origins of Inuvik through stage performances.

"That was over six year ago, it seems to have faded away," said Turner.

He said he wanted to share the art with others because it is one of his interests.

"I was looking for something to do that was fun and interested me," he said.

Now, he wants to gather some people and start brainstorming for possible ideas.

"I think the first thing is to see how many people are interested and what sort of project they want to work on," explained Turner.

"Hopefully the idea of creative arts has some interest here."

Making an original production is something that could be down the road, but Turner wants to first work on an already famous show.

"Initially, producing a play that has already been done is a goal."