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NNSL Photo/graphic

The Centre for Northern Families was given a new lease on life last week when the health department gave it an extension on its violations. - Peter Crnogorac/NNSL photo

Women's shelter safe for now

Peter Crnogorac
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Nov 17/06) - After receiving bad news from the fire and health safety inspectors, the Centre for Northern Families has been given some good news for a change.

The Centre will not be shut down for missing a health inspection deadline on Nov. 3, said Wayne Flemming, chief environmental health officer, at Stanton Territorial Health Authority.

The Centre provides transitional housing for women and their children who may be facing financial and social difficulties.

It was hit with 39 fire and health violations on Oct. 3.

According to a letter from health inspector Tanja Rarog, dated Oct. 3, the Centre had until Nov. 3 to fix structural health infractions such as mold growth and damaged cupboards and countertops in the Centre's kitchen area.

Flemming, Rarog's supervisor, said the health authority had granted an indefinite deadline extension to the Centre.

Flemming said all negotiations were done through the NWT Housing Corporation.

"There is no specific deadline, it's depending on whether or not they have work scheduled," he said. "We know they have hired a contractor. The owners are responding and acting on the orders."

The NWT Housing Corporation has put out a tender for repairs on the building, with a deadline of Nov. 13 for submissions.

Chucker Dewar, deputy fire chief, said the Yellowknife fire department is also willing to extend deadlines for the Centre's fire code infractions.

He said it was highly unlikely that the centre would be forced to close due to 31 fire safety defaults, such as no smoke detectors in key areas of the house.

Charles Dent, minister in charge of women's issues, announced emergency funding will be given to the Centre to temporarily ease its troubles.