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Youth gather to discuss caribou

Philippe Morin
Northern News Services

Inuvik (Nov 10/06) - Grade 11 student Kayla Kudlak does not look like someone who knows much about caribou hunting.

For starters, most hunters don't wear pink dangly earrings. But, looks can be deceiving. As a resident of Paulatuk, Kudlak said she's one of the many people who've been affected by the animals' decline. She even has some experience in the field.

NNSL Photo/graphic

Kayla Kudlak: Paulatuk youth rep for conference

"I went hunting once, but it was several years ago," she said with a laugh.

On Nov. 2, Kudlak joined the "Walking Together" conference in Inuvik, where members of the NWT's Renewable Resource Boards gathered for discussion.

She participated in a Youth Conference, where young people discussed the caribou's decline and agreed that something - there were few specifics but lots of enthusiasm - should be done.

"The caribou are so important. We need to do something," Kudlak said.

Another youth representative, Aklavik's Edward McLeod, said the caribou's decline affected his entire family. "My dad, my uncles, they all hunt," he said.

Bobbie-Joe Greenland, traditional knowledge communications manager with the Gwich'in renewable Resource Board, said it was important to listen to younger people.

"These teens are between western knowledge and traditional knowledge," she said. "They understand the importance of the caribou."