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Triple wedding spectacular

Chris Windeyer
Northern News Services

Cape Dorset (Nov 13/06) - If you think planning one wedding is hectic, try doing three at once.

"It was all rush, rush. It was a crazy day that day," said Serge Putulik Lampron, who married Anirniq Oshuituq on July 22.

NNSL Photo/graphic

Pierre Lampron and Annie Manning celebrate their wedding after 22 years of couplehood. The pair were married on the same day as two other couples in the family, making for a very busy day in Cape Dorset this summer. - photo courtesy of Kyra Vladykov Fisher

On that same day, his parents, Annie Manning and Pierre Lampron - partners for 22 years - tied the knot. If that wasn't enough matrimonial exploits, his cousin Laura Manning and Clifford Thomas also entered wedlock that day.

Putulik Lampron watched his folks tie the knot. Then he followed suit, before racing across town to the church where his cousin Laura said her vows.

Annie said Laura and her fiance planned their wedding first.

"One thing led to another and we said we'll get married too, and then Serge decided to get married," she said.

And though the run-up to the wedding day was stressful, Annie said the secret to pulling the whole thing off was plenty of planning.

"It was a lot of work."

Compounding things further, Laura had family arriving from Salluit, Nunavik, and their charter flight was late, delaying her wedding until the evening.

"(My dad) was going to walk me down the aisle," Laura said. "We planned this day for a long time and we didn't want to delay it ,so they got here in the nick of time."

Then it was back to the community hall for the reception and a chance to unwind.

Putulik Lampron said even though his wedding day was extremely busy, it was worth it.

"It's amazing, even though you put a lot of work into it. But after the day you got wed, it's amazing," he said.

"It's beyond words. It's awesome."