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Ben Palluq familiar to all in Iqaluit

Kent Driscoll
Northern News Services

Iqaluit (Nov 13/06) - If you have spent any time in Iqaluit, you have met Ben Palluq.

He is a fixture in the community, one of those faces you see every time you go to Northmart for lunch, or head for a pool table.

This 37-year-old has lived most of his life in Iqaluit, minus some time in Iglulik.

"I lived in Iglulik for 11 or 12 years, I was adopted and came back when I turned 16. I like it here, it is my hometown," said Palluq.

He's sitting at a table in Northmart, like he does every day for lunch. He doesn't have much money to spare, but is generous to a fault.

Even though his food is only half finished, he turns and offers most of his rice and half of his chicken balls to Kitty Noah.

"I like to help out other people who are poor. I'll give them a cigarette, food, whatever I have," said Palluq.

When he was a youth in Iglulik, he had a great chance to so some sharing when he caught a walrus.

"I was 11 or 12. I used to hunt everyday and I got a walrus. It was a big one and I shared it with everyone. I was a good boy," laughed Palluq.

Catch him at a pool table and Palluq changes from a mild-mannered gentleman to a shark in the water. The man definitely knows his 8-ball.

"I got a trophy for pool this year at the Legion," he said, obviously proud.

He isn't just handy with the pool cue, he is crafty with fabric. Palluq - with some help - made his own parka. He is just waiting for it to get cold enough for him to put it on.

"I made it last year, it has fox fur and it is blue," he said.

Palluq seems to be the man everyone knows.

"I see people all over, and they know me. I want to say hi to everyone who knows me," said Palluq.