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Council Briefs
New council sworn in

Roxanna Thompson
Northern News Services

Fort Simpson (Nov 08/06) - The newly elected Fort Simpson village council was sworn in on Nov. 6.

Mayor Duncan Canvin congratulated the councillors for taking their positions.

"If we can accomplish as much in the next three years as in the last six months, we will be doing very well," Canvin said.

Councillors include: Bob Hanna, Tom Wilson, Bruce Thomas, Carl Lafferty, Candy Brown, Dieter Cazon, Olinto Beaulieau and Lynn Wharton. All positions were won by acclamation on Sept. 11.

Tom Wilson has retained his role as deputy mayor.

Keeping doors opened

The Open Doors Society is seeking clarity from the village about the recreation department.

The society would like to continue to offer quality programming but needs clarification of roles and responsibilities and enhanced communication with the village, said Lauren Muir, on behalf of the board.

A delegation of board members from the society attended the council meeting.

"As of late, we've had some difficulties," Muir said.

Muir used the recent handling of the Halloween Spook-a-Rama as an example. The society was frustrated about the communication and planning of the event, she said.

"I understand your concerns," said Canvin.

Direction needs to be given to the recreation staff concerning whether they are running programs as well as the building, said Coun. Candy Brown.

Canvin said a liaison will be appointed for the society and their concerns will be addressed in the upcoming weeks.

Designated crosswalks

Crosswalks in the village need to be more clearly marked according to Coun. Carl Lafferty.

Lafferty said he was recently approached by community members who were concerned that crosswalks can't be seen in the winter because they are only marked by paint on the road.

Lafferty admitted that even he's driven over the painted area near the schools a few times without looking for people waiting to cross because he was paying close attention to the vehicles ahead of him.

"I think it's a point well taken," said Coun. Bob Hanna.

Tom Mattus, the village's senior administrative officer, said he would look into having signs placed at the crosswalk.

Plan for erosion

The village needs to create a game plan for dealing with river bank erosion, said Coun. Bob Hanna.

There has been a lot of talk about the issue but the village is no closer to a plan than it was 10 years ago, he said.

"Somehow or other we have to come up with a strategic plan of action," said Hanna.

Financing needs to be found for this issue. Hanna said he can imagine the water and sewer lines on Mackenzie Ave. falling into the river. In another 10 years, the road itself might have to close, he said.

Tom Mattus said he's started to look into this issue. Funding might be found from climate change initiatives."I'm lining the ducks up so to speak," Mattus said.