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Second Simpson man still missing

Derek Neary
Northern News Services

Fort Simpson (July 04/05) - Searchers are combing the North Nahanni for the remains of a missing man after finding the body of his companion in dense bush last Monday.

David Horesay, 60, was found dead in the dense bush approximately 3.7 kilometres from the cabin where he had been dropped off on June 12. He was shirtless and was in the fetal position. The whereabouts of Fred Hardisty, 61, remained unknown.

Horesay's body was taken to the Fort Simpson health centre by helicopter. A preliminary examination indicates that there was no foul play, according to Cpl. Al Shepherd. He was exhibiting signs of hypothermia, so it's possible he had been in the frigid river and managed to get out, Shepherd speculated.

Horesay's remains will be sent to Edmonton, where a coroner will perform an autopsy, he added.

"Originally our theory was that they had both (drowned) in the river," he explained. "Now that that's been proven false we're going back in to assist the search teams."

Thick bush

The bush where Horesay's body was found was extremely thick. Searchers likely passed by his remains several times before finally detecting his resting place, Shepherd said.

"I credit these guys on the ground, the family members and stuff who are up there searching. They've done a hell of a job," he said.

Rod Gunderson, the cabin owner who dropped off Horesay and Hardisty on June 12, joined the search party on June 24. He said a tattered, button-style shirt was found in the bush on Sunday.

The searchers, numbering 20-30, have been patrolling the rivers and shores by canoe.

On the ground, they have been fanning out, calling and blowing whistles.

They have been working from early morning until late at night, Gunderson said.