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Gas money on its way

Brent Reaney
Northern News Services

Iqaluit (July 18/05) - Most, but not all, people who believe they were affected by gas supply problems this past winter should have access to compensation forms by Aug. 1.

Shell Canada and the Government of Nunavut found most of the problems involved spark plug fouling in snow machines or ATVs during extremely cold temperatures.

But the research and testing done by the GN and Shell found only gas from Shell's Scotford refinery in Edmonton to have been affected by the problem.

Communities supplied by Scotford include all of the Kivalliq, with the exception of Whale Cove, as well as Hall Beach, Iglulik and Sanikiluaq.

Communities not supplied by Scotford, such as Pangnirtung or Cape Dorset - where similar problems were reported - will not receive compensation, said Levinia Brown, Community and Government Services Minister.

Even without a receipt, customers in affected communities will receive gas vouchers valued at $6 per fouled spark plug, up to a maximum of 30 plugs per vehicle.

"Anything over that, they will need a receipt," said Brown.

Shell Canada will cover the cost of the program.

Application forms are expected to be available from hamlet offices from Aug. 1 until Sept. 30, and compensation should be mailed out.

Shell Canada has said it will investigate claims of engine damage with proper documentation.

Those making engine damage claims will go through the Petroleum Products Division using an 800-number that has not yet been established.

Changes to this year's gas supply, including the re-insertion of an additive which was found to eliminate the problem, will be made Nunavut-wide.