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Fauna Kingdon, Miss Nunavut, is on her way to Toronto to compete in the Miss World Canada pageant. Kingdon is only the second Miss Nunavut and will face 29 other competitors from across Canada.

Miss Nunavut takes on Canada

Kent Driscoll
Northern News Services

Iqaluit (July 11/05) - The stars may be aligned just right for Fauna Kingdon as she heads to Toronto to compete for the title of Miss World Canada on Nunavut Day.

Kingdon, who has lived in Iqaluit for 15 years, was crowned Miss Nunavut recently.

Her mother, Eliza, is ready to help her with shopping in Toronto, but her father, Allan, is a little more reserved.

"I think it's hard for a father to be proud that his daughter is going to be walking around in a swimsuit, letting people judge her. I think he is a little apprehensive," said Kingdon.

There are three major competitions awaiting Kingdon: interview, evening wear and the swimsuit competition.

There are only two choices for swimwear, one-piece or two-piece.

"I guess it depends on what you feel comfortable showing, what your strongest assets are. Mine is my stomach area, so I decided to go with a two-piece," explained Kingdon.

With 30 women from across the country fighting it out, the competition could be stiff. Kingdon shrugs it off.

"It is very intimidating, but being from one of the smaller areas is an advantage. People want to talk to you and ask you questions," she said.

"I'm Metis. It's a common misconception I'm an aboriginal from Nunavut. Most people think I'm Inuk," Kingdon said.

The 20-year-old is going into her fourth year at the University of Manitoba, majoring in accounting and finance.

She works in the Finance Department of the Nunavut government as a summer student and volunteers with the Nunavut Help Line.

Funding help

"I had to find the funding in five days, so the local businesses have been great," said Kingdon. Canadian North and DJ Sensations paid her way to Toronto.

Fundraising is a part of the competition, called "Beauty With a Purpose." The contestant who raises the most money for the Canadian Cancer Society gets a bye to the second round.

Kingdon raised $700 at Northmart in one Saturday and Arctic Ventures chipped in another $200.

Her fans can help her advance in the competition by logging on to www.missworldcanada.com and taking part in a poll. The winner gets past the first round.

You don't need a talent to become Miss World Canada, there is no talent portion in the competition.

"I was kind of bummed that there wasn't a talent portion, because I can sing. I thought there would be one," Kingdon said.

Last year, the first Miss Nunavut, Ashley Paniyuk-Dean, finished eighth overall. She made it past the first cut by winning the "Heart and Soul" competition, which is described as a campfire setting. Around the campfire, Kingdon may get to use her voice.