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Late permit

Homes lining McDonald Drive have an unexpected and unobstructed view of the waterfront after Camco Construction demolished what was left of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans warehouse this week.

Dorothy Westerman
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Mar 04/05) - A demolition permit for tearing down the fisheries warehouse in Old Town was issued one day after the work was done.

"They applied Monday or Tuesday and it was issued today," Glen Peterson, manager of the building inspections division said Thursday.

"People pay for the permit up front and it is entered into the system, but there is a plan review process. A permit issuance has to occur and a building permit is given to them to post on-site," Peterson said.

Peterson said he was unaware that the demolition had taken place before the permit had been issued.

"That could be possible. On occasion that happens. We were unaware of that. If we are aware of work going on without permits, then we do go down and follow up with enforcement," Peterson said.

"We could have done something about it and we would have done something about it." Peterson said the city will discuss the permit procedure with the company.

But proper demolition is the city's main concern, he said.

"Sometimes with these buildings that are being demolished it is safer that they are down. Our concern is that when it is done, that it is in a safe condition," Peterson said.

Claude Mailloux of Camco Construction Ltd., the company which tore down the structure, said he had the understanding the company had a permit and was issued a receipt for it earlier this week.

"We paid for the permit, but we don't have a copy of it yet," he said.