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Keeper of the cash

John Curran
Northern News Services

Cambridge Bay (Mar 21/05) - For 21-year-old Maggie Aknavigak, life as a customer service representative at the Cambridge Bay Royal Bank could hardly be better.

"It's pretty good," she said. "I'm always meeting new people."

Maggie Aknavigak, left, helps Royal Bank customer Karen Langille who works with Health and Social Services in Cambridge Bay.

Because it's the only financial institution in the hamlet, her job also gives her the opportunity to keep in touch with all of her friends and neighbours through the course of her regular duties at work.

Having been with the bank for more than two years now, she said she's received a lot of computer training to help her do withdraws, deposits, bill payments or anything else anyone might need.

She works full-time, but Aknavigak isn't alone at the bank.

"There are five people who work here," she said. "My auntie, Rosie Kaiyogana, is a customer service representative here, too."

When she isn't busy at work, Aknavigak said she enjoys hanging out with her best friend, and mother of two, Alice Neglak.

"We like to relax and watch movies," she said. "We go walking around town and visit with people."

During the winter, her interests also include snowmobiling, while the summer is a time to fish. Although she was born in Yellowknife, Aknavigak has lived in Cambridge Bay since she was a baby. She said if you've never visited her community, it's time to plan a trip.

"It's different here than other places," she said. "There's lots to see, everyone is so friendly and there's lots of good native food to eat like fish and caribou."