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Linco's is on the move to a new nook

Owner of Linco's Pottery Nook, Linco Schoenne, left, and Shirley Harrison, assistant manager, move some merchandise around the store in preparation for a much larger move to the downtown Yellowknife Hardware location. - Stephan Burnett/NNSL photo

Stephan Burnett
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Mar 16/05) - It's official: Linco's Pottery Nook is moving downtown.

Linco's last day at the Old Airport Road location will be May 31. "We're buying the old Yellowknife Hardware location," said Linco Schoenne, Linco's owner.

She and her crew of five employees plan to change everything inside the building.

"We'll probably have around the same amount of stock, we'll just have more space," said Schoenne. "Everything will be the same but better."

The floor plan will be totally changed but nothing in particular has been decided so far.

The ceramics studio and the pottery wheels will be on the main upstairs floor.

"There are plans to eventually use the basement, but they have not yet been finalized," said Linco's assistant manager Shirley Harrison.

It will be more roomy and spacious with lots of aisles to browse around, she said.

Renovations aren't expected to cost that much.

"I think they're basically going to paint for now. There's not a lot of changes," said Harrison.

Just because Linco's is moving doesn't mean it's going to lose it's cottage-type atmosphere up on Old Airport Road.

"We have the same kind of display in there as we have in here, just more walking space," she said.

The gift shop owner said she will be moving the store herself, along with her family and the store staff.

"We're trying not to close," she said.

The plan is to pack in the morning and unpack in the afternoon. The new location at the old Yellowknife Hardware store is thought to be more convenient for customers.

"Not everyone has a car and buses aren't always convenient," said Harrison.

Schoenne said no matter how you look at it, the new store will be better.

"It's more comfortable, a bigger space with big windows and lots of light," she said.