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Students roll out novel solution

Andrew Raven
Northern News Services

Fort Simpson (Mar 11/05) - Victoria Nirlungayuk has the perfect solution for everyone who hates taking the garbage out for pickup.

The Bompas Elementary school student invented an elaborate pulley system that extends from your house to a dumpster outside - making the universally hated chore quick and easy.

Victoria Nirlungayuk poses in front of a poster of the Trash Line, an invention the Bompas Elementary school student said will make taking out the garbage quick and easy.

"I never liked taking out the garbage," Nirlungayuk said, motioning towards a drawing of a house with a long clothesline stretching from a second floor window to a trash can.

"This makes it simple," she said.

Nirlungayuk and dozens of other Bompas students put their creativity on display last Thursday during the Fort Simpson school's second annual Invention Convention.

Students were encouraged to invent new creations or improve existing products in an event that was half science fair and half mad-scientist convention.

While students were free to tackle any subject, many decided to focus on making household chores more palatable.

Burgeoning inventors Steven Thompson and Chantale Cazon fashioned a Play Doh model of a robot that cleans everything from dishes to carpets, presumably leaving its owners free to watch television or play video games.

"This will help you clean the whole house," said Thompson.

Wesley Hardisty and project partner Joshua Gambler invented another time-saving device; the Toy Locator in which a beeper - the technical term according to Hardisty - is implanted in the arm of a teddy bear. When the toy disappears, its owner simply uses the handheld tracking device to locate the missing bear.

"I have misplaced my toys before, so I though this would be a good idea," said Gambler.

Teacher Karen Mackay, the Invention Convention organizer, said the event gave students a chance to think creatively.

"I found there were a lot of really good ideas," said Mackay.

"The students did an excellent job."