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'We've got to help these kids' - Gray

Jason Unrau
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Mar 11/05) - In the wake of the attack on an off-duty Inuvik police officer by three youths, Staff Sgt. Sid Gray said he doesn't think people are losing respect for the RCMP.

"On the whole, I think people respect the police," he said. "There's always going to be a certain segment of society that will take advantage. Fortunately, the member (that was attacked) is OK and things didn't escalate.

"The fact is we've got to help these kids, because they are our future," said Gray of those involved. "They've done wrong but they're not writeoffs."

Three charges were laid following the attack at the Northmart store. One youth was charged with resisting arrest, the second with assault of a police officer and the third with assault with a weapon.

Gray added, the notion that nobody came to the officer's aid may not be entirely correct.

"There's a good chance people did come to help but with all the confusion that went on it wasn't recognized," he said. "And I apologize for that."

Without excusing the actions of those involved, Gray said emotions may have clouded their judgement.

"I'm afraid people are losing focus," he said. "It's happened. We're going to get past it and hold no grudges."