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All quiet on the Simpson front

Cops planning to occupy themselves with bylaw blitzes

Derek Neary
Northern News Services

Fort Simpson (Dec 07/01) - There's quite a contrast between the hooliganism of summer and the quiet days of fall and winter, Sgt. Bill Eubank told village council Monday.

While youths ran amok during vandalism sprees in July, complaints to the RCMP have been scant since then, according to Eubank. He said the RCMP averaged two complaints per day since summer. There have even been weekends with no calls at all, he said.

"I suppose if there's anybody that should be bored, it should be the police. But let me tell you, sometimes it can be tough," he said lightheartedly.

Why is it so quiet?

Eubank said several of Fort Simpson's "more notorious" criminals are currently serving sentences. As well, school is in, so students have more structure and things to do. Finally, he pointed out that the justice committee and healing circle have been extremely active.

"Certainly something has been slowing (crime) down and I want to encourage that," he said.

Mayor Tom Wilson asked whether RCMP headquarters in Yellowknife may try to take a position away from Fort Simpson in light of the lack of crime. Eubank said another constable was recently assigned to the local detachment, which is responsible for Wrigley and Jean Marie River.

This addition brings the detachment back to full staff, with five constables, one corporal and one sergeant.

Wilson asked Eubank if his staff would be willing to assist the village's bylaw officer in carrying out his duties. Eubank said the RCMP would offer support, but prefer to hold blitzes to enforce seat-belt use and no speeding in school zones.

By fining offenders under municipal bylaws, offenders won't lose points on their driver's record and the village will get to keep the funds from the tickets, Eubank said.