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Many heritage sites found in survey

Minimum 30-metre buffers to be established

Malcolm Gorrill
Northern News Services

Inuvik (Dec 21/01) - Nearly 180 new heritage sites were located within the Inuvialuit Settlement Region during the 2001 Mackenzie Delta Heritage Resource Survey.

The survey began with visits to 84 previously recorded sites. During the summer 86 new sites were discovered, with 89 new sites found during the fall, so that 259 sites are now recorded within the ISR.

Katherine Bosch, project archeologist with Inuvialuit Environmental and Geotechnical Inc., explained the survey was commissioned and funded by nine operators within the Delta.

"Their upcoming field season of exploration, seismic and drilling programs necessitated the need for a regional heritage resource survey, so that they know where the heritage sites are," Bosch said.

"We documented them, recorded their location for planning and grid selection processes."

A minimum 30-metre buffer will be put in place around each site.

The sites are grouped into three areas. Pre-contact refers to the period before European intervention. Historical sites are largely classified as being prior to the Second World War.

Traditional land use sites are those revisited on a continual basis for such reasons as hunting or fishing.

Bosch has a bachelor of arts in archeology and a master's in environmental science, focusing on heritage interpretation and management.

Bison Historical Services Ltd. were subcontractors for the survey. Don Hanna was field director and holder of the archeological permit.