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Counting down the days

Many events taking place as Christmas approaches

Malcolm Gorrill
Northern News Services

Inuvik (Dec 21/01) - In a matter of days children across the Delta and around the world will be snuggled up in their beds, with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads.

Lots of activities have been taking place in Inuvik, as kids count down the days til Christmas.

A Christmas party was held last Friday at the Inuvik Child Development Centre. Director Stacey Christie confided Santa Claus himself was able to take the time to drop in, and even left behind a few presents.

Celebrations were also held this week at Inuvik Preschool.

Santa was in Inuvik again on Monday. That day he visited Sir Alexander Mackenzie school, courtesy First Air. One by one, classes trooped down to the main foyer, so kids could talk to Santa and admire the tree.

First Air has arranged Santa's visits to SAMS for six years now, explained Beth Green, station manager for Inuvik.

"We always bring in a live tree from Edmonton," Green said.

"As you know, it's kind of scarce to find a tree like that in Inuvik," she said.

"We bring the candy in. My staff here, we work hard and make 450 bags for the kids. This year the town was gracious enough to let us use their suits."

Green explained that First Air did a kids Christmas party on Saturday in Yellowknife.

"We didn't want to run the risk of not getting our suit on time."

No doubt Santa was saving his main suit for Christmas Eve.

"We try to do quite a bit of healthy snacks, as well as the traditional candy cane and chocolates as well," Green said. "I know the teachers really appreciate the healthier snacks that we provide."

She said First Air staff put on different Christmas events, depending on the community.

"We find ways that are appropriate for our communities," Green said.

"We understand the kids are a very important part of our community, so anything we can do to make their day a little brighter is what we strive for."

When asked for comment, Santa just shook his head, and then with a firm twinkle in his eye, turned away with a jerk and disappeared.

However, moments later Delta residents could hear someone proclaim, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night."