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Villebrun still loose

Axe victim continues living in fear

Dawn Ostrem
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Oct 17/01) - Ronald Roy Villebrun disappeared more than a month ago, but police are still hoping for tips from the public.

NNSL photo
Ronald Roy Villebrun

Villebrun is wanted for a charge of attempted murder with an axe. The victim and her family said this week they are anxiously waiting to hear something.

"We are still investigating tips and inquiries," said Sgt. Al McCambridge of Yellowknife RCMP.

The details of the alleged incident that took place Aug. 26 revolve around the claim that Villebrun forced a woman into his truck and tried to drive her out of town. The woman says Villebrun attacked her with an axe in the parking lot of Yellowknife Motors after she threw herself out of his moving vehicle near the four-way stop.

Two motorists said they picked up the victim after Villebrun fled the scene in his truck.

Police found the truck at a cabin along Highway 3, about 20 kilometres from the city. A helicopter air search, police dog and days of foot-patrols in the area turned up nothing. The victim's mother told Yellowknifer that, between the incident and now, attention for the case seemed to dwindle, likely due to the terrorist events in the U.S. But for the mother, little has changed. She and her daughter still live in fear.

"I don't live the same way I used to. The doors are locked and the windows are locked," she said. "Why can't they find one guy with only one road out of Yellowknife?"

"It's always at the back of my mind ... I'll just feel more comfortable if they find him," said the victim.