Save your memories on film
Planning makes the day go well

A wedding day is full of memories and one of the best ways to preserve your special day is through photographs.

While some wedding shoots go well, there are a number of problems that can arise, from unorganized wedding parties and bad weather to outlandish spontaneous photo requests.

The key to making everything run smoothly is to prepare well ahead of time -- and that means co-ordinating the photographer and the wedding guests.

Weeks or months before the wedding, a couple should meet with their photographer to discuss the photo schedule, special requests and to decide a location and backup site.

Any ideas the bride, groom and family members have for photos should be raised with the photographer then or sometime before the day of the wedding. That includes pictures during the ceremony. Each church has different dos and don'ts about clicking away during the service.

A wedding photographer has little time between the bridal photographs before the service, the group shots after the ceremony and the extra shots that are taken before the reception begins.

It's also important to clarify with the photographer whether or not he or she will take photos during the festivities because many photographers don't stick around for receptions.

If the wedding party and other group shots will be taken outside, an alternate indoor location should be chosen in case it rains or snows.

Those who are required for the wedding party and group shots should be made aware before the wedding day that they will be needed at a specified location and time. Don't wait until the last minute to tell them. A missing person can hold up the wedding shoot, causing delays and throwing the day's schedule into chaos.

Next to the photographer, the matron of honour is the bride's best friend on her wedding day. She should be ready to help the bride during the whole shoot, adjusting her gown, touching up her makeup and anything else which will make the bride look her best.

More than likely, the photographer will want the flowers available for shots of the bride and bride's maids. Corsages and boutonnieres should also be ready.