A star is born
Pond Inlet woman appears on television

Kerry McCluskey
Northern News Services

Pond Inlet (Feb 21/00) - A Pond Inlet woman who taught film and television star Brooke Shields to fry caribou and boil char wowed her neighbours recently with an appearance on national television.

Regilee Ootova received a number of phone calls from friends and family members after they spotted her on Entertainment Tonight.

"People all over the world saw Regilee in the Nattinnak Centre's kitchen frying up some caribou," said Helen Ferrigan, the community economic development officer.

"Nobody knew or had advance notice, but some people just happened to catch it," she said.

Ootova, who was pleased to participate in the event and was somewhat proud to be on TV, was brought in to teach Shields the art of traditional cookery so the star could sleep in an iglu and take part in a photo shoot with Marie Clare, an American women's magazine.

Ferrigan also said she had heard that Governor General Adrienne Clarkson would be making her way to Pond Inlet to -- you guessed it -- follow in Shields' footsteps and sleep in an iglu.