Movie woes
Videos will do until theatre re-opens

Cindy MacDougall
Northern News Services

NNSL (Oct 27/99) - Two small sets of eyes peruse the video shelves, looking for a movie perfect for two boys on a Sunday afternoon.

As they decide between a scary flick and an action movie, Coty Mitchell, 11, and his 10-year-old buddy, Shaun McLeod, confided the movie they're keen to see won't be on the shelves for months.

"We really want to see the Pokemon movie," Coty said. "It comes to the theatre on Nov. 12."

And there's the rub. Yellowknife's theatre has been closed for renovations since late September, and won't open again until the end of November.

Gina Johnston, a clerk at Choice Video, said people have begun to miss the theatre.

"People have been coming in and talking about the theatre and how much they miss it," she said. "Some people have been saying they wish it was open."

Johnston said it has been a bit busier at the store.

"I think as the weeks go on and people miss it (the theatre) more, it will get even busier."

Coty and Shaun said they miss the place already, especially since the fall movies are being released.

"The new movies are out and we want to watch them," Coty said. "And the theatre has a big screen."

Some people, though, haven't missed the theatre much.

Roger Bisson said the shutdown didn't affect him.

"I haven't been to a movie since this one was born," he said, gesturing to his small son.

"I wouldn't think it would affect people much with four or five video stores in town."

Christine Bowser, an employee at Really Big Video, said she hadn't noticed a rise in missing-the-theatre business -- until Saturday night.

"The last couple of weeks, it's been just the same as always," Bowser said. "And then, it just went up."

She said she doesn't expect people will hold a grudge against the theatre once it reopens.

"They'll probably go back to it," she said. "People like going to a movie theatre."

Johnston said the lack of a theatre might show people how expensive theatre tickets are.

"Maybe people will realize it's cheaper to rent and will rent more videos," she said.