Art of giving
Gallery donates 10 prints

Michele LeTourneau
Northern News Services

NNSL (Oct 01/99) - The legislative assembly has been given the chance to freshen up its look.

Gallery owner Ken Huss of Nor-Art International donated 10 limited edition prints on Monday.

"I thought it was time," says Huss.

"The art from the east was rumoured to be leaving for Nunavut. That's a large debit to be replaced. I thought I'd do my part."

Huss donated the work of four NWT artists: Bill Nasogaluak, Wendy Lee, Archie Beaulieu and Helene Croft. All are limited edition prints and are roughly worth $2000 in total.

"I'm doing this from an art-lovers perspective," adds Huss.

"It's a shame to see some of the beautiful pieces going to Nunavut. By the same token, it's an opportunity to see western artists, especially Dene."

Legislature public relations officer Ronna Bremer could not confirm at this time whether any of the eastern artwork was headed to Nunavut any time soon. For now, some of what was taken down to accommodate the new pieces has been placed in storage.

"We're actually very happy that Nor-Art has done this," says Bremer.

"It's allowed us to change a lot of the artwork. So it's given us a fresh new look. But at the same time it's allowing us to promote artists from the Northwest Territories -- the new Northwest Territories as opposed to the old."

The legislative assembly has an inventory of 150 to 200 pieces, which range from photographs, wall hangings, carvings, silk banners, among many different mediums.

Asked whether the legislative assembly was looking to acquire more new NWT art, Bremer said "We're taking a look at what we have in the building right now. We actually had some pottery that was loaned to us by Astrid Kruze. We're trying to promote not just the aboriginal art, there's a lot of talent with non-aboriginals too."

Artists who are interested in displaying their art can approach the assembly.

Currently, there is not a budget in place for purchase, though at times pieces are purchased.

"We have a fairly extensive collection. A lot of people comment on how unique the building is. It's got a different focus than a lot of other legislatures. Because it is new, partly. But because we also have a lot of art on display."