Cops raid bar
Liquor and documents seized Saturday

IQALUIT (Oct 18/99) - An early-morning raid on a club commonly called the Booze Can has left more than 20 people, including a local high school teacher, possibly facing more charges.

Acting on an unanimous tip, police executed a search warrant on a building in Iqaluit's West 40 industrial area where they claim they discovered Joseph Morneau illegally serving alcohol at his unlicensed after-hours establishment, the Explorer's Club.

This isn't the first time that Morneau and the Explorer's Club have been caught in the illegal sale of alcohol.

"He's basically running a bar without a licence," said Sgt. Mike O'Malley.

"We've previously executed a search warrant at the same location that resulted in (Morneau) being charged under the liquor act."

Morneau is also facing bylaw infractions of development without a permit and operation without a business licence.

The total fine of the tickets add up to $750, but proceedings have been postponed until Nov. 25.

No charges have been laid in Saturday's raid as RCMP continue to investigate the matter, but several bottles of liquor and documents pertaining to the running of a bar were seized.

Morneau spoke out publicly in May after the first foray resulted in him being called a bootlegger.

He said the establishment was a private, members-only club and that everybody inside had cards.

Morneau was also one of five people who are trying to establish the Uvagut Bar in town, but has since withdrawn his name from the proposal that is now before the Nunavut Liquor Board.

While police continue to investigate the most recent incident, Morneau made an appearance in Nunavut's Court of Justice last week to face charges of offering to sell or selling liquor without a licence.

No plea was entered and a new date of Jan. 26 was scheduled.