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Book your tickets for Broadway here in Yk

Cindy MacDougall
Northern News Services

NNSL (Oct 15/99) - Do you have a love for Broadway? Frantic for the Phantom? Missing Les Mis?

Some Yellowknifers are travelling down south to catch the Broadway hits.

Kim Warner, owner and manager of Top of the World Travel, said Broadway trips to New York are not an uncommon request.

"You can do individual packages with airfare, accommodations, theatre tickets and everything," she said. "We even have a New York tour company who can put all of it together for you."

Even though you won't be able to buy cheap, last-minute theatre seats this way, you're guaranteed a seat before you hit the Big Apple, she said. You can book similar entertainment trips to anywhere in Canada or the United States, she said.

Kerry Yamkowy, a travel agent for Key West Travel, said the secret to a successful theatre run is to book early.

Yamkowy said price ranges are impossible to guess, but it depends on when you leave and what type of vacation you want.

"If you want to go for the Christmas season, you have to do it by September," she said. "And you have to remember during holiday times, things are more expensive. Doubly expensive with the Year 2000 in New York."

To save money on a Broadway trip, Yamkowy suggested booking during the slower, non-holiday seasons.

She said you can pre-book a high-style trip, or book cheaper accommodations.

Warner said although agents in Yellowknife don't tend to plan group tours, groups can book together, such as a school.

"We've had schools book to go to Mexico and other places," she said.