What holiday?
Working through Thanksgiving isn't that bad

Cindy MacDougall
Northern News Services

NNSL (Oct 13/99) - Thanksgiving day is a time of rest, relaxation and lots of turkey...for some lucky Yellowknifers.

For a lot of others, pouring coffee, counting change and watching over the city were the fare on Monday.

It was just another day on the job.

Jessica Simpson, who works at Javaroma in the NorthwesTel Tower, shrugged off working the holiday.

"I was scheduled," she said.

"We're suckers and didn't fight it," called out co-worker Vanessa Worsley as she munched on lunch.

After conferring on whether they were getting extra pay for working the holiday, Crystal Dowbush said working wasn't so bad.

"The staff Thanksgiving party is tonight," she said.

Down the street, cab driver Mark Johnson parked his car, waiting for a fare.

"I have to work today," he said. "I have five kids to feed."

Johnson said he was going home to a turkey dinner with his wife and children when he finished work. Then he pulled away to answer a call.

Perry Medina, a cashier at the Yk Centre's Extra Foods, was checking people's last-minute groceries.

He was called in to work after a week away with the United States Marine Corps Exchange program.

"I'm a little tired," he said, "but I didn't mind coming in to work."

Down at the fire station, firefighter Len Joa said it had been a quiet day for him and the crew.

"We're just doing basic maintenance and studying for a (dive rescue) course," he said.

Although he said he missed out on "the family things," Joa said his family had their turkey Sunday.

And he and the other firefighters had been far from lacking holiday treats.

"Some of the service organizations came around with dessert plates," he said with a laugh. "And someone's wife came by with cinnamon buns."