What we pay our bureaucrats
Government releases top employee salaries by pay band

NNSL (Apr 27/98) - Here is a list of senior Territorial government salaries, titles and employee names broken into broad pay bands.

Premier Don Morin tabled the list on March 3 in the Legislature after receiving pressure from ordinary MLAs to disclose the information.

Readers should be advised that this list includes employees up to January 1998. Some have left since then. Others have joined the government. Click here for quick access to the executive manager list.

Salary Band 1: $57,607 -- $82,296
Comptroller Ana Marie Abella
Comptroller Lynne Braiden
Director, Patient Services Mary Grandan
Director, Patient Services Paulette Heron
Comptroller Stephen Pollock
Salary Band 2: $59,037 -- $84,339
Director of Personnel Services Keith Dennison
Director of Personnel Services Frank Gilmore
Superintendent Kathy Tsetso
Salary Band 3: $60,507 - $86,438
Superintendent, Transport Arthur Barnes
Area Superintendent Alexander Campbell
Supervisor of Schools James Crowell
Area Superintendent Ron Hardisty
Superintendent Transport Methusalah Kunuk
Superintendent Transport Dawson Milley
Supervisor of Schools Darlene Tanchak
Salary Band 4: $62,014 -- $88,591
Supervisor of Schools Naudla Arnaquq
Regional Nursing Officer Rosemary Brown
Director, EMO Eric Bussey
General Manager Liquor Commission Ron Courtoreille
Campus Director Dan Daniels
Regional Superintendent, Ren. Res. Tim Devine
Supervisor of Schools Gregory Healey
Superintendent John Hedberg
Campus Director Carl Isnor
Superintendent, South Slave Lloyd Jones
Area Superintendent, FMBS Brian Kwong
Supervisor of Schools Donald Morrison
Special Adviser, Womens Advisory Bertha Norwegian
Campus Director Miki O'Keefe
Supervisor of Schools Chris Purse
Regional Superintendent Ralph Shelton
Campus Director Michael Shouldice
Salary Band 5: $63,561 -- $90,802
Director, Kitikmeot District David Akoak
Controller Jeffrey Anderson
Executive Director, Western Coalition Michael Aumond
Director, Comm. Health Serv. Sharen Connelly
Bursary/CFO Douglas Covey
Policy Advisor Catherine Biddle-Cushman
Director, Research and information Lynn Elkin
Director, Keewatin District Sarah Flynn
Chair, Review Comm. Margaret Halifax
Director Corporation & Technical Services Craig Hall
Superintendent Transport Gurdev Jagpal
Policy Adviser Michael Kalnay
Director, Corporate Services James Kennedy
Regional Nursing Officer Pat Kermeen
Director, Western Arctic District John Ross Lanskail
Director, Forest Management Robert Larson
Assistant Director Lorne Levy
Director, Motor Vehicles Richard MacDonald
Bursar, CFO Stewart MacNaab
Director, South Slave District Thomas Makepeace
Director, Policy Gary McLellan
Director, Finance & Administration Myles Moreside
Director, Environmental Protection Emery Paquin
Director, Parks and Tourism Robin Reilly
Superintendent Douglas Sage
Director, Baffin District Peter Scott
Director, Finance & Administration Jane Tagak
Director, Baffin District Hunter Tootoo
Superintendent Deborah Tynes
Salary Band 6: $65,150 -- $93,072
Superintendent Regional Operations Leona Aglukkaq
Director, Culture and Heritage Charles Arnold
Director, Petroleum Products Brian Austin
Regional Superintendent Brent Boddy
Project Group Coordinator John Borkovic
Regional Superintendent Renewable Res. Donald Boxer
Superintendent, Baffin Clay Buchanan
Director Language Bureau Albert Canadien
Medical Health Officer Central Andre Corriveau
Director, Information Networks Peter Crass
Regional Superintendent Doug Crossley
CEO Business Credit Corporation Afzal Currimbhoy
Regional Superintendent Graeme Dargo
Director, Revenue and Asset Management Anthony Dawson
Human Resource Planning Coordinator Wilma Degrow
Director, Policy, Legislation and Comm. Kathryn Emmett
Director, Human Resources and Administration William Fandrick
Director, Operations East James Fennell
Regional Superintendent Terry Ferris
Executive Director Alice Isnor
Regional Superintendent Robert Janes
Special Adviser, Aboriginal Affairs Alfred Lawrance
Regional Superintendent Brian Lemax
Superintendent Transport Tony MacAlpine
Director, Minerals, Oil and Gas Douglas Matthews
Superintendent FMBS Ronald Neish
Regional Superintendent Gordon Norberg
Director, Trade and Investment Otto Olah
Superintendent, Regional Operations Sydney O'Sullivan
Superintendent, FMBS Murray Parson
Regional Superintendent John Picek
Regional Superintendent Albert Pilgrim
Area Director, North Slave Robert Richardson
Regional Superintendent Ron Roach
Superintendent FMBS Robert Sanderson
Director, Finance & Administration William Setchell
Director, Strategic Planning Garry Singer
Superintendent Kitikmeot John Stevenson
Director, Wildlife and Fisheries John Stewart
Super. Regional Operations Helen Sullivan
Director Nolan Swartzentruber
Superintendent, Regional Operations Annie Tattuinee
Director Court Services Caley Jan Thomas
Superintendent FMBS Tom Thompson
Director, Human Resources and Admin. Jalal Toeg
Superintendent FMBS Richard Wade
Executive Director Judy Watts
Salary Band 7: $66,781 -- $95,401
Director, Community Operations. Dennis Adams
Director, Policy and Coord. Peter Bannon
Director, Community Justice Colin Bonnycastle
Director, Corporate Services James Chambers
Director, Patient Care Joan Connors
Regional Superintendent Vincent Dixon
Director, Finance & Administration Raj Downe
Director, Finance and Management Services R. Dundas-Matthews
Director, Community Monitoring and Evaluation Marilynn Fogwell
Director, Wildlife Management Ron Graf
Director, Policy & Planning Gay Kennedy
Director, Community Devopment Ian Legaree
Director, Legal Registries Gary MacDougall
Regional Superintendent Ross Mrazek
Director, Information Management Keith Rogers
Deputy Clerk Doug Schauerte
Director, Community Planning Gary Vanderhaden
Director, Operations West Marshall Wilson
Salary Band 8: $68,454 -- $97,792
Regional Superintendent, North Slave Larry Adamson
Director of Nursing Carol Anderson
Director, Project Man. Joseph Auge
Director, Forest Management Robert Baily
Director, Regional Support Services Susan Bevington
Director, Health Serv. Darrell Bower
Director, Government Account. John Carter
Director, Budgeting Deborah Delancey
Director, Finance & Administration Paul Devitt
Director, Financial Services John Doyle
Director, Board Operations Malcolm Farrow
Director, Career Devel. David Gilday
Director, Transport Planning Masood Hassan
Director, Population Health Norman Hatlevik
Director, Income Support R. Heide
Campus Director Roland Holtorf
Director, Labor Relations Herb Hunt
Director, Corporate Affairs Chris Keeley
Superintendent, Sathu Gerard Leprieur
Ministerial Executive Assistant Brian Menton
Director Corrections Margaret Ravensdale
Director, Finance & Management Services Warren St. Germaine
Territorial Statistician David Stewart
Director, Kitikmeot Board of Education Thomas Stewart
Director, Policy and Planning Gerald Sutton
Director, Corp. Services David Waddell
Director, Claim Negotiation Mark Warren
Director, Policy and Evaluation Bronwyn Watters
Campus Director David Wilman
Director, Arctic Airports Durvin Winsor
Assistant Executive Director Administration Allan Woods
Salary Band 9: $70,173 -- $100,247  
Director, Legislative Division Mark Aitken
Asst. Deputy Minister East Jason Brown
Director, Self-Government Stephen Iveson
Press Secretary to Premier Val Mellesmoen
Director, Legal Division Reginald Tolton
Director, Transportation Engineering Kurt Vician
Salary Band 10: $71,937 -- $102,767
Exec. Dir. Resources and Economic Development Douglas Doan
Director, Computer Services Peter Dunn
ADM, Division Secretariat Thomas Issac
Executive Director, Land Claims Charles Overvold
Chief Executive Officer Trevor Pollitt
ADM, Nunavut Katherine Trumper
Salary Band 11: $73,747 - $105,353
Executive Director Dennis Cleaver
Director, Audit Bureau Douglas Hill
President (Western College) Charles Parker
Deputy Secretary Audit and Evaluation Gordon Robinson
Asst. Deputy Minister Elizabeth Snider
President (Eastern College) Gregory Welch
Salary Band 12: $75,606 - $108,008
Vice President Operations Thomas Beaulieu
Asst, Deputy Minister Vern Christensen
ADM Deputy Minister Pauline Gordon
ADM West Robert McLeod
Asst. Deputy Minister Nora Sanders
Community Empowerment Advisor Peter Tremblay
Salary Band 13: $77,513 - $110,733
ADM Reform Implementation and Support A. Dunbar
ADM Reform Implementation and Support Catherine Praamsma
ADM Operations D. Rattray
Salary Band 14: $79,472 -- $113,531
Deputy secretary to cabinet David Colpitts
Salary Band 21: $94,711 -- $113,302  
Chief Medical Health Off. F. Gilchrist
Executive Management: $120,000 - $150,000
Prin. Sec. to the Premier Ferne Babiuk
Deputy Minister Penny Ballantyne
Deputy Minister Mark Cleveland
Deputy Minister Donald Cooper
Deputy Minister Andrew Gamble
Deputy Minister Joe Handley
Deputy Minister Ken Lovely
Deputy Minister Margaret Melhorn
Deputy Minister David Ramsden
Deputy Minister Ron Williams
Deputy Minister Fred Koe
Clerk of the Assembly David Hamilton
President David Murray
Secretary FMBS/Comptroller General Lew Voytilla.

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