Pulled from the fire
Yellowknifers come out in droves for 45th Caribou Carnival

by Anne-Marie Jennings
Northern News Services

NNSL (Apr 01/98) - By the time the Caribou Carnival came to an end on Sunday night, organizers were already looking forward to next year.

The annual first rite of spring in Yellowknife, the Caribou Carnival held court for the 45th year, with activities for 1998's events held on the ice behind Yellowknife City Hall. This year, organizers provided events for Yellowknifers of all ages and interests.

Earlier this year, the Caribou Carnival was at risk of being cancelled for lack of interest in organizing the event. At first, it looked like an Arctic Winter Games rule forbidding city involvement in other festivals close to the Games meant the carnival was doomed.

Fortunately, an organizing committee was formed before the deadline.

Many of the old reliable events were brought back to this year's edition of the carnival, including the Canadian Dog Racing Championships, the Waiter-Waitress Relay Race, the Great Northern Bush Gear Contest, and the Northern Ugly Truck and Dog Contest.

This year's event also brought some new ideas to the Carnival, such as the luge demonstration and the chance for local residents to try out the sport for themselves.

Residents of Yellowknife came out in droves to support the Carnival. Warm temperatures over the weekend brought people out of their homes, and the events brought the people to the Carnival site.

The success of this year's event -- which was planned hastily in a short amount of time -- has organizers looking ahead to planning for 1999.

Organizers are holding high hopes for next year's edition of the Caribou Carnival -- because they will have an entire year to plan to event.

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