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Briefs from the Legislative Assembly

Lawmakers take break

This session of the legislative assembly wrapped up Wednesday, following an exhaustive debate on the territorial budget, brought down last month.

Lawmakers will now take a break to deal with issues away from the legislature, such as public constitutional consultation meetings and division.

Paving the lot

The parking lot and roads around the legislative assembly will be paved his summer.

Under questioning from Iqaluit MLA Ed Picco, Speaker Sam Gargan (left) said the $500,000 job was necessary because city bylaws require it. The road leading to the assembly from Hwy. 3, the assembly parking lot, and the road to the visitors centre will be paved.

Last year a city administrative report noted the capital site was one of a number of local establishments where paving is overdue according to agreements with the city.

Back pat from the boss

Premier Don Morin thanked government employees for their patience and good work and provided them with some reassurance.

"It is understandable that what has been discussed over the past eight weeks has brought some stress to some people," said Morin Wednesday, referring to the second wave of layoffs to hit government in two years. "But with the passing of the 1997-98 budget, our restructuring is largely complete."

Aboriginal languages

Aboriginal dress and language from across the NWT was on display in the legislature Wednesday in honor of Aboriginal Languages Month.

Aboriginal members spoke their native language, many also wearing the clothing of their home communities. A number of MLAs recalled their school days, when speaking aboriginal languages was discouraged, to demonstrate how far the territories have come in the last 40 years.

While cat's away...

Mackenzie Delta MLA David Krutko has once again mixed Disney and Dene.

Earlier this session, Sahtu MLA Stephen Kakfwi objected to Krutko's wearing of a Mickey Mouse tie with a traditional Dene jacket, saying the tie offended the dignity of the jacket.

Krutko agreed to pay closer attention to his choice of fashion accessories, but sported the same combination on Tuesday.

Kakfwi was away at a conference in Inuvik.