Art Auction time
Northerners from all over can bid in the 11th annual auction

by Janet Smellie
Northern News Services

NNSL (Mar 17/97) - Thanks to modern technology, Northerners from as far as Pangnirtung can bid on works of art included in this year's annual Arctic Art Gallery auction.

Marg Baile, who has run the auctions for the past 11 years, says more than 80 works of art will be up for grabs, including original paintings, carvings and limited edition prints.

"What's so great about the auction is that if you're unable to attend you can still take part by fax, e-mail or by calling our 1-800 number," she says.

With bids already pouring in for the auction, Baile says if you offer a remote $1,000 for an item and the floor bidding stops at $500, the auctioneer will bid on your behalf for $550.

To ensure all Northerners have a chance to take part in the annual auction, Baile has sent catalogues, complete with bidding forms, to each community's RCMP and hamlet offices, nursing station and schools.

"We get bids from all over Canada and from the North. We have one customer from Calgary who has bid every year. He's never been to our gallery, but has about 40 pieces of art from the North," Baile says.

Because it's impossible for everyone to be in Yellowknife during the auction, we came up with this idea, and it works."

Bidders have until March 22 to send in the bids.