Tory takes aim
Weather station closures, Blondin-Andrew: targets

by Chris Meyers Almey
Northern News Services

NNSL (Mar 12/97) - Tory Senator Pat Carney criticized the federal government Friday for closing weather stations.

While speaking to party faithful at the Baker Community Centre Carney also took shots at Western Arctic MP Ethel Blondin-Andrew's performance in government.

During her speech, Carney drew attention to the closing of Yellowknife's weather office, which occurs later this month. She doesn't see how pilots can operate in the North when the weather is put out of Edmonton.

In Edmonton, she pointed out, pilots use the flashing red sign of a brewery to determine if it's safe enough to land.

The former industry minister under the Mulroney government said she wants humans back in charge of weather forecasts because automated equipment doesn't always work.

The Liberals don't seem able to address issues beyond major subjects that affect central Canada, said Carney.

She also took a pot-shot at Ethel Blondin-Andrew, saying the Western Arctic MP hasn't done a good job defending Northerners against government policies that hurt them.

Gun control topped her list, followed by Ottawa's move to assume control of endangered species protection.

The Senate performed well on gun control by conducting hearings across Canada, Carney said, noting that a Senate amendment was rejected.

"It's not just an urban issue," she said.

Aboriginals who attended those hearings said more gun control laws would not be enforceable without a lot of fallout to their culture, Carney said.

It's a classic example of legislation that doesn't work for all Canadians. It might work well in cities, but not outside, she said.

And now, Ottawa is taking control away from the NWT over endangered species and that is something Northerners have managed quite well, she said.