Waiting for a response on pay-equity ruling
Only Todd knows and he's not talking

by Richard Gleeson
Northern News Services

NNSL (Mar 10/97) - John Todd is expected to reply today to a recent court ruling that could cost the government $70 million, but don't hold your breath.

Three deadlines for Todd (left) to speak to the issue have come and gone.

The most recent passed by Wednesday, the last day of the fourth sitting of the legislative assembly.

Todd said he would address the issue before the end of the session, but made no statement and refused repeated media requests for an interview.

In early February the Federal Court of Appeal tossed out GNWT objections to a Canadian Human Rights Commission ruling in favor of Union of Northern Workers (UNW) complaint that the government was not conforming to pay-equity guidelines.

UNW president Jackie Simpson has estimated the ruling, just one in an eight-year battle between the union and the GNWT over pay equity, could cost the government $70 million.

Simpson said the government has made no attempt to come to a settlement with the union.

"My understanding is John (Todd) hasn't made a decision on the matter," she said Wednesday.

"I'd like to see (the GNWT) come to me and say let's appoint a conciliator and deal with this issue, see how far apart we are, and move forward on it."