No more dogging around, says council
Time to crack down on loose canines, says council

Northern News Services

INUVIK (Feb 27/97) - Town council is calling for an "all-out blitz" on stray dogs.

Two weeks ago, council passed a motion announcing the town's intention to carry out a massive seizure of loose dogs in town. An advertisement was also aired by the town, notifying the public of the town's intention to shoot stray dogs on sight if they could not be seized by any other means.

The advertisement reopened the debate in council this week over whether the town should risk public safety by enforcing its dog bylaw to the fullest.

Supporters of the measure say some stray dogs in town are too vicious to be apprehended by hand and pose a public threat if they are not disposed of, and soon. Others in the community feel the risk that shooting in town poses to the public outweighs that other risk -- bites by loose animals.

"Council and residents of Inuvik are concerned about dogs," said Mayor George Roach in council Monday night. The bylaw officer "has proper training and authority to dispatch uncontrollable dogs."

Roach called for a "blitz" to "do something about this problem." The mayor said he received a letter from a resident complaining of being attacked by five dogs on Dolphin Street. "Harsh measures have to be taken," he said.

Council was to vote Wednesday on whether to accept the appointment of two new animal control officers, on the recommendation of the town's senior administrative officer, Don Howden.

The new officers would work on an "as required" basis to support the bylaw officer in handling what is clearly a large and mounting problem.

Councillor Vince Sharpe opposed the town appointing people to jobs, stating the town should first advertise the positions as employment opportunities, which Sharpe said they clearly were.

Other councillors passionately opposed delaying the process.

"If we don't do something now, it means we have to wait at least two weeks" until the next council meeting, said councillor Richard Barnes. "I want to see something go ahead ... I want something done."

Council decided to advertise the positions, but also agreed to vote at last night's meeting whether to approve the appointments.