Sharp grooming banned
Knife-comb a weapon so destroy it, RCMP

by Jennifer Pritchett
Northern News Services

NNSL (NOV 29/96) - Carrying a device known as a knife-comb will be illegal as of Sunday.

While RCMP in the capital haven't had a problem with knife-combs, a teacher at a Yellowknife school was found with a replica of one for a class play.

The teacher didn't know it was about to become a prohibited weapon.

Allan Rock, minister of justice and attorney general of Canada, has added the "knife-comb" to the list of weapons prohibited under the Criminal Code.

The knife-comb resembles a switchblade, and can be mistaken for one.

The ban comes after concerns that the device is unsafe, particularly among young people.

Concern over the knife-comb was first brought forward by an Edmonton MP who was worried about the safety of the device in junior and senior high schools. Edmonton law officials then asked Rock for the ban.

Sgt. Wylie Grimm of the Yellowknife RCMP said anyone found with the prohibited weapon may be charged.

"If you have one, we suggest you destroy it," he said. Grimm said that if it appears that someone is concealing a knife-comb, they may be charged.

"It's like a baseball bat. If you conceal it downtown in your coat for the wrong reason (it's an offence)," he said.