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Multiple honours at NWTRPA awards
Faith Raymond, Nick Saturnino, Inuvik Youth Centre all receive recognition

Stewart Burnett
Northern News Services
Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Faith Raymond had something of a double award at the Northwest Territories Recreation and Parks Association conference last week.

NNSL photograph

Faith Raymond, right, holds her award from the Northwest Territories Recreation and Parks Association. To the left is Ali McConnell, who nominated Raymond for the award. - Stewart Burnett/NNSL photo

She received the Scott McAdam Youth Leadership Award and her employer, the Inuvik Youth Centre, received SideDoor's Youth Centre of Excellence Award.

"I put a lot of work recently into the youth centre and I'm there pretty much every day now doing my best for the kids," said Raymond after receiving her award.

"It's really nice to get the recognition for that. It's incredible to see people noticing the work that we're putting into the youth centre and the effect it has on the kids."

In the North, there aren't a lot of resources for youth, said Raymond. That makes the youth centre's role ever more important in occupying young people in positive ways.

"To get this award, it really shows this work is important, it takes effect in the community and it's something that needs to be appreciated," she said.

Raymond tries to lead by example. She encourages youth to be themselves, put themselves out there and be passionate about their interests.

"They see me going in every day and they see me put my blood, sweat and tears in the work that we do there," said Raymond. "I show them how happy I am to see them accomplish things and I feel like that can really resonate with the youth."

She couldn't wait to show them the fruits of her labour.

"I'm going to go to the youth centre tomorrow and show them this awesome award and say you can do this too," she said.

Cheryl Zaw, executive director of the centre, said she was stoked for the centre to receive that kind of recognition.

"We've put in a lot of hard work to change the attitude and the feel, and I think the community is noticing a lot of positive changes here," said Zaw. "There's just a whole different mood to the place. I think that's something worthy of being recognized."

She had just received musical equipment from NorthMart and video gear to help youth pursue their passions.

"It's what we've done but it's also the cooperation of youth and parents and the whole community that makes this thing great," said Zaw. "It's a whole group effort."

Nick Saturnino received the Award of Excellence for his dedication in supporting and promoting Inuvik's curling scene.

"I'm honoured to be nominated and to receive the award," he said.

"I enjoy the sport and I would like to see it continue here in Inuvik and I also enjoy working with the youth. I think it keeps the youth busy and there are lots of opportunities for them to go to national competitions if they work hard in sport."

The ice was just about to be put in at the Midnight Sun Complex and he couldn't wait for the new season to start.

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