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Pregnant woman goes to jail

Sentenced for sexually assaulting teen

Dawn Ostrem
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Dec 12/01) - A 22-year-old pregnant woman convicted of sexual assault broke down in tears last week in territorial court as she was sentenced to five months in jail.

Maria Carlos-Hajcik, seven-and-a-half months pregnant, was found guilty Dec. 6 of sexual assault, invitation to sexual touching of a minor, failing to comply with an undertaking and obstructing justice.

She grabbed for her mother who was seated next to her at the defendant's table and cried out, "Mommy, mommy" in hysterical howls.

Judge Michel Bourassa had harsh words for Carlos-Hajcik.

"I have heard young people lie about sexual assaults," said Bourassa. "In my view, the scenario painted by the defendant is not only unreliable but fantasy."

The 14-year-old female complainant testified that Carlos-Hajcik befriended her over a few days last summer. She told the court that she and Carlos-Hajcik were watching television late on the night of July 9 when Carlos-Hajcik put the girl's hand on her breast and held it there. Later she began kissing her.

When the complainant's father entered the house, the activity was stopped.

"She had this scared expression on her face," he testified.

Court also heard the accused met up with the complainant three weeks later and tried to talk the teen into dropping the charges.

Carlos-Hajcik denied any wrongdoing.

"I was just laying there, that was it and that is all that happened," Hajcik testified. "This is not true, not at all."

Her mother, Wendy Carlos, also spoke before sentencing.

"Please be so kind to my daughter," she pleaded, then referred to years of drug abuse and prostitution, both of which Carlos-Hajcik said she has stopped for over a year.

"It has been long, long, very hard years for all of us," Carlos added.

Carlos-Hajcik must serve a third of the sentence before being eligible for release and could be out of jail near the time she is due to give birth.