Turn it up, let's party

Yellowknife (Apr 14/00) - Bruce Christensen, a 15-year-old St. Patrick's high school student, is finding much success with his own business.

Christensen, otherwise known as Big Brudy, has been in the deejay business for approximately three years now.

"I definitely want to finish high school, then I'll probably go off to college to become a professional radio disc jockey," Christensen says.

"I own my own business, it's called Big Brudy's DJ Services. I like doing what I do. It's fun! In the future I hope that my deejay services will grow world-wide, and someday I hope to have people working for me. I also want to be hired to play at a huge party sometime soon," Christensen says.

It wasn't very hard for Christensen to start up his own company because his parents, Brad and Bryony Christensen, helped him out in the beginning and supported his idea throughout.

"Four years ago our family owned an arcade in Barriere, B.C. We held dances there and I helped out. I really enjoyed it, and I went from there. At first my parents really helped out, they bought some of the deejay equipment that I needed in order to get started."

Christensen doesn't need his parents to help him with the money situation any more. He can now afford the equipment that he needs in order to be a good deejay because he is getting hired to play in public places, and his name is becoming very popular around Yellowknife.

He has covered an estimated 20 dances and events. He has played his music at places such as Weledeh, St. Pat's and Ton of Fun, and he has also been hired to play at family events and birthday parties.

Christensen was also recently invited to blast his up beat music throughout Caribou Carnival 2000.

Christensen says his favourite songs are popular ones like Blue by Eifel 65 and Daft Punk's Around the World, but he will play anything that is requested.

"I have an assortment of music, a good variety, and when someone asks me to play a certain song, I will, that's my job."

Christensen explains it takes one, two, or three hours to set up all of his equipment, and he gets a helping hand from his family and friends.

As for where he keeps all of his heavy and expensive equipment, he's quick to say, "I keep my deejay equipment at home, in my bedroom. It's really cramped in there!"