Honeymoon heaven
Start off your marriage with an exciting getaway

Scott Crabbe
Northern News Services

Honeymoon: a term to suggest that although married love was at first as sweet as honey, it soon waned like the moon (the sweetness of first love and not the love itself).

Traditionally a time set aside to consummate a love with a short vacation getaway; the typical honeymoon can see couples comb the beaches of Fiji, explore the waters of the South Pacific, or scour the peaks of the Canadian Rockies.

A honeymoon can be tailored to any budget to suit any lifestyle.

The average romantic rendezvous should be planned about six months in advance, and starts at about $1,500 per person. Given that budget, a couple could fly round trip to the Cook Islands -- once at a southern gateway airport -- and spend about 12 nights in moderately luxurious accommodations.

The whims and wishes of newlyweds could also be granted for about $2,500 a week. A variety of all-inclusive resorts throughout Jamaica, Cuba and Mexico, for example, will completely cater the honeymoon from accommodation to culinary cuisines.

The sights of the sea with the sounds of the city can be made possible for couples who feel like a bit pampering.

Cruise lines (starting at about $2,000) such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Holland America offer a variety of activities from the exotic to the extravagant.

On these "love boats" there is something for just about everyone, from broadway productions to comedians and jazz bands. Some have certain themes like country music or blues.

From the ocean of water to the sea of rocky shields, Canada, too, offers couples a chance to lose themselves in that unforgettable memory.

Consider a trip touring bed and breakfasts throughout British Columbia's Gulf Islands.

One local couple, who've been here "before the pavement," tied the knot back in 1971 and still illustrate the essence of the 'honeymoon.'

"We spent a weekend at the King Edward Hotel in Edmonton," said Les Jardine.

"It's burned down since then," his wife commented.

When asked how they have managed to stay together over the years, Les replied, "You've got to keep it interesting."

If you want to stay closer to home, consider a visit to some of the exotic sights of the North.

Take a trip to one of the many fishing and hunting lodges, enjoy a camping trip, take the time to get to one of the North's more remote communities -- a place you might not otherwise visit.

The North is a popular honeymoon spot for southerners, too, according to the Northern Frontier Visitors Centre. Newlyweds choose to spend a couple of days in Yellowknife before heading out to a lodge for a relaxing time in wilderness luxury.