CPI jumps slightly

NNSL (Feb 03/99) - The latest monthly consumer price index figures from Statistics Canada shows the cost of living in Yellowknife rose slightly compared to a year ago.

But December's CPI was down slightly compared to November, according to Statistics Canada.

The all-items CPI was up .6 per cent in December, 1998, compared to December, 1997.

December, 1998's rate fell .1 per cent compared to November, 1998.

In Yellowknife, prices for consumer goods and services were down slightly in December compared to November.

The slight decline was the result of lower prices for women's clothing and some food as well as personal-care supplies, Statistics Canada said.

Additional downward pressure came from reduced charges for fuel oil and accommodations.

Home heating fuel was down .8 per cent in December compared to November (3.6 per cent compared to December, 1997).

Private transportation costs fell only slightly.

The strongest increases from November to December were in air transportation, home entertainment equipment and services and household tools.